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  1. WOGL CEO to Resign
  2. Tune in Tonight as Reason Gaming Takes on Aspect Gaming 9PM EST
  3. SMITE: Juice Gaming vs Nemesis - Tonight 10 PM EST
  4. Smite Season 1 Rule Changes
  5. Smite - Season 1 Division Changes
  6. WOGL Announces MiO Energy as a Sponsor of Upcoming Smite Season
  7. ZOWIE to Sponsor WOGL SMITE Season 1 Championship
  8. WOGL Partners with Shoutcast This for SMITE Media Coverage
  9. GamingJerseys.com Becomes Offical Jersey of WOGL
  10. WOGL Announces Smite Championship - Season 1
  11. WOGL Smite Pre-Season Tournament
  12. WOGL Denial of Service Attacks
  13. WOGL Celebrates New Website with Giveaway
  14. WOGL.TV Set for Casting ESL Europe A.V.A. National Championship
  15. WOGL Opens up More Competition
  16. WOGL.TV Opens up for Combat Arms Tonight at 7:30 PM EST
  17. Happy Independence Day from WOGL!
  18. Xfire Play MAT and Win Contest
  19. WOGL is Back
  20. WOGL Opens Doors to League of Legends Events
  21. WOGL.TV Brings on General Manager
  22. WOGL Opens Registration for the IeSF National Qualifying Event
  23. CrossFire's GM Saidin and WOGL CEO -oL Interview Live on WOGL.TV
  24. WOGL Releases New e-Sports Website
  25. 2011 IeSF National Qualifying Coming Soon
  26. WOGL Announces Qualifiers for WCG Canada in CrossFire
  27. WOGL Starts CrossFire Season 3
  28. Mission Against Terror Exhibition Match Live on WOGL.TV
  29. WOGL Opens Registration for CrossFire Season 3
  30. WOGL Expands to Europe and Gives it a Face
  31. WOGL Announces Project Blackout Exhibition Live on WOGL.TV
  32. Official WOGL gang now in Vogster Entertainment's Crimecraft
  33. Legacy e-Sports Wins BFBC2 Championship and Intel SSD Drives
  34. WOGL Goes Mobile with IeSF Qualifier Hyundai Veloster HD Mobile App