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Renaissance Heroes on Steam

So this game just came out on Steam recently. It's Free-to-Play and is a twitch shooter (akin to Quake and Unreal Tournament). It isn't Pay-to-Win since practically everything is able to be bought permanently through in-game cash and also every gun is available with in-game cash. There is progression and you can modify a weapon to your liking. For example, I can get the Trident Bow (Sort of like the AWP in other games) and "enhance" it up to 4 times with damage. While I get extra damage, it has a drawback of less fire rate. This allows players that would have the same weapon to play differently depending on your playstyle.

It has many modes and the community really wants a competitive scene for it. It's still a new game but the GM's have been active in trying to organize a community. Here's a link to their forums: Renaissance Heroes

Team Deathmatch
Seize the Scrolls

Some Videos
Renaissance Heroes -- Launch Trailer - YouTube
Renaissance Heroes Official Trailer - YouTube

If you end up downloading it, feel free to add me. My IGN is Crypsix.